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Transcript of Chat With Dilnavaz Bamboat

Ques. Are therapists legally obligated to report the offenders to the police? Does it deter the victims from therapists? Ans.  In India, legal rules around CSA are still at a very nascent stage.… Continue reading

Transcript of Twit Chat–2 with Anuja Gupta

  Ques : Can you give us a little background on Kavita if thats ok? Ans : mother of 3 daughters and is now involved as a volunteer with RAHI as a way… Continue reading

I AM Cast TwitChat Tanscript

Here is the transcript of chat with the IAMFilms cast namely Onir and Sanjay Suri Ques: Onir may be u can start by telling something abt IAM & how it started. Ans: I… Continue reading

TwitChats Coming up this week

This week we have two twitchats coming up with two experts. We got such a brilliant response to the first chat we did with Anuja Gupta of RAHI that she will be taking… Continue reading

Anuja Gupta’s TwitChat Transcript

We had an amazing response to the twitchat we did with Anuja Gupdta from RAHI Foundation yesterday on twitter, below is a transcript of the chat. We intent to do another chat soon… Continue reading

Twitter Chat with I AM Cast

As a part of CSA intiative we are holding a twitter chat with the cast of I AM films namely Sanjay Suri and Onir, they will be chatting on issues relating to sexuality… Continue reading