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Transcript of Chat with Cybermum_India | April 10 2012

Q. My question is very basic – how do you monitor internet usage for children? A. Use good security software that will let you monitor your child’s online activities without infringing on their… Continue reading

Transcript of Chat with Silence Stops Now | April 9 2012

Q. To start with @SilenceStopsNow may be you can tell us about how you dealt with the abuse and what helped you heal #CSAAM A. I think the first step to dealing with… Continue reading

Transcript of Chat with Dilnavaz Bamboat | April 5 2012

Hi there, this is Dilnavaz. I’m getting ready to answer questions and share my experience working with young victims of sexual abuse. Q. Why is the adult response to CSA disclosure by a… Continue reading

Transcript of Chat With Harish Iyer | April 4 2012

Q. Could you detail the kind of signs a parent should watch out for. #CSAAM A. parents need to know that they need 2 look for signs. The child might not have the… Continue reading

Twitter Chat Schedule

As part of the CSA Month, we are bringing you a slew of survivors, counsellors and experts in the legal field who can answer all your queries regarding CSA and share their valuable… Continue reading

Transcript of Chat With Harish Iyer

Q. Thanks for taking out time for this chat. Can you start by telling us about what helped you heal? Ans: Talking about it helped me heal. And I started speaking not to… Continue reading

Legal TwitChat

We realised as we are progressing into the month that we all have a lot of questions related to the legal aspect of CSA and hence we ar getting an expert lawyer who… Continue reading

Twitter Chat on CSA

Anuja Gupta founder of RAHI Foundation is going to a twitter chat on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse on 5th April between 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm. We will be tweeting with… Continue reading