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Blogadda wrote about the intiative and also picked up a few posts from the blog

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Mid Day ran a story saying

An online initiative to spread awareness about child sexual abuse has brought together 40 bloggers from across the country. Apart from survivor tales, there will be online discussions on social networking sites well

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It’s time to protect the children  –  On the Internet, a campaign to create awareness among parents, teachers and caregivers about child sexual abuse is gathering steam even as a Bill to protect children from sexual offences is tabled in Parliament

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The CSA blog which gets updated every day, has a survivor story, a cross-posting from the blogosphere and one expert post every single day for the entire month. Apart from these, we are also initiating twitter chats on the issue with experts like Anuja Gupta from RAHI, and director Onir whose movie ‘I Am’ deals with one of the characters being a CSA victim.

Blogadda features The CSAAM Team

Mentioned in Mint Lounge

One ongoing online marathon initiative that wowed me was conceptualized by bloggers Kiran Manral and Monika Manchanda on a long drive. They came up with the idea of a month-long awareness campaign on child sexual abuse, something that (officially) 53% of Indian children have encountered while growing up.

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TOI Qoutes CSAAM team 

She feels that parents as much as children should be educated about child sexual abuse. Most parents think that abuse cannot happen to their children and hence do not take the necessary precautions. The month of April is observed as Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (CSAAM).

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Bangalore Mirror talks about CSA

Should it not come as a rude shock to us that as many as 53 per cent of children from different strata in India report some form of sexual abuse? It is this harsh reality that goaded two women to spread the message that has now grown into a campaign by over 40 bloggers, to bring the issue out of the closet. In less than two weeks, the Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (CSAAM) initiative spearheaded by bloggers Monika Manchanda from Bangalore and Mumbai-based Kiran Manral has garnered support from parents, experts in this field, NGOs such as Tulir, Arpan, RAHI and Enfold, and portals like South Asian Parenting and Womens Web.

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