CSA Survivor Story – 7.

She must have been 6 years old then. The family had moved to a new city as a result of her father’s transfer. And he must have been her father’s age. Being among the few close acquaintances in a new town, he was welcomed into the home. He helped them with the initial setting in and in return robbed her of her dignity. That fateful evening he visited their house on the pretext of checking if everything was fine. He knew that the father would still be in the office. The mother stepped into the kitchen to arrange for some tea and snacks. She was sitting right there in the sitting room, busy with her coloring.

The mother would have taken about 15 mins in the kitchen preparing tea and arranging some snacks. Those 15 mins were enough for him to grab her, make her sit on his lap, force her hand in his pants and put his hand up her skirt. She knew it was wrong, she felt it was dirty but she didn’t know what to do. And it was over, just like it had started. She felt wet, sick and diseased.

People used to call her the sunshine girl. But suddenly she was all quite and gloomy. Parents thought she was missing her old home and city and would eventually settle in. They didn’t notice that she was washing her hands all the time. They did notice that she was scared and clingy but attributed it to the new place.

She is 30 now. Still single. Never had a boy friend. Says that she doesn’t want to marry. By the day she is a confident girl and by the night she is back to fighting the demons. The incident is so deeply etched in her mind that it’s impossible for her to move beyond it.

Has she survived the abuse? I don’t think so. The monster still roams free unaware of the damage he has done. There has been no justice for her. What are the chances that the wound that hasn’t healed in 24 years, will heal now?

She is in my prayers all the time. And I request you to pray for her, so she lets go and starts afresh.